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PPC Fitnation is a step-by-step online fitness and nutrition program with progressive workouts, detailed how-to videos, and expert support all in one place.
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PPC Fitnation’s Approach
Want to lose weight? Get lean? Burn some serious calories? Target any goal with our online programs accessible anywhere 24/7 OnDemand. Online programs includes amazing nutrition plans, fitness programs, and support system, designed to get you fit and healthy!
Workouts OnDemand
Workout anytime, anywhere with instant streaming access to a variety of fat burning workout programs designed to challenge you while leaving you energized and in the best shape of your life.
Clean Eating
Whether you’re looking to lose weight or fat, build muscle or get lean, we have a plan just for you. We made eating clean simple, affordable, and fun with our step-by-step meal plans.
Reach Your Goals
Our online fitness programs are rich with content that will move you closer to your goals. With expert coaching, detailed video instructions, easy-to-follow meal plans, and a supportive community you’ll build a winning mindset that will continue to deliver amazing results.
Alan Ashley
Founder, Certified Personal trainer, trx, zuu, and ankorr instructor
“It’s an amazing feeling helping people exceed their expectations and actualize their fitness goals”.
Alan understands your busy schedule. There’s no need to visit a gym to be fit. Alan took the same proven system used at his local fitness studio that has helped hundreds of Pasadenians achieve amazing results and brought it online. PPC Fitnation gives you a structure online fitness program aimed to keep you lean and stronger, even without the presence of a personal trainer or an expensive gym membership.
We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym. When you join PPC Fitnation you get everything below plus so much more!

New workouts each month

Easy to follow 4-week training cycles
High-quality, instructional workout videos
Clean eating meal plans with step-by-step instructions

Vegan and Vegetarian plans available


Exercises you can do at home or anywhere


Bodyweight, TRX Suspension Training, and More


24/7 Support

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Our online program is for everyone

These workouts are just awesome and I love them because they’re quick but challenging, They’ve helped me shed some fat while packing on some lean muscle. I honestly think Alan should charge more for what he offers, it’s a steal. Chris B.

I’ve been a member of PPC Fitness for over 3 years now and it’s 100% due to Alan’s unique way of coaching and the results he delivers! I’ve been able to continually improve my athletic performance which has helped me make the National USA Women’s Dodgeball team. Britanny M.

TRX suspension training is a fantastic all over body workout that allows you to customize the intensity of the moves to what you can do. Each workout is fun and different, and you leave with that good soreness that an excellent workout gives you. Nikki S.

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